Gillmeister Automatic Email Processor 1.14.9
Gillmeister Automatic Email Processor 1.14.9 | 15.3 Mb
Automatic Email Processor is the complete solution for Outlook to store and print incoming emails and their attachments automatically. For this, various filters, flexible configuration options, such as individually definable storage folders and the possibility of subsequent processing are available. For example, the path of the location where you want Automatic Email Processor to save certain emails or email attachments, can be assembled dynamically from individual properties of an email.

Geometric Glovius Pro
Geometric Glovius Pro | 186.6 mb
Geometric Limited is pleased to announce the availability of Glovius Pro, an extensible and customizable 3D visualization tool, for consumption of product design data.

FRSProductMgr 3.8.1
FRSProductMgr 3.8.1 | 5 Mb
Internet has been booming and all the aspects of every day life are using internet for delivering what they have to offer. Business field is no exception and people who are running small and medium businesses are using internet for expanding their businesses. Products can be sold over the internet more effectively as you have the chance to address a more diverse audience which has been expanded all over the world. FRSProductMgr is an application that has been developed by fourth Ray Software that can help you to sell your product over the internet.

Forest Pack Pro 6.1.5 for 3ds Max 2018-2019
Forest Pack Pro 6.1.5 for 3ds Max 2018-2019 | 1.7 Gb
The iToo Software team is pleased to announce the availability of Forest Pack 6.1.5. This release adds official support for V-Ray Next Update 1 and drastically improves Forest Pack's stability and feature compatibility when using V-Ray's latest VFB and viewport IPR modes.

Flashpaste 6.4 Multilingual
Flashpaste 6.4 Multilingual | 2.5 Mb
FlashPaste Speed Typing provides a powerful and highly effective solution for saving time with typing. You can use the software for typing and using text templates in a way that greatly extends the standard clipboard provided in Windows. No longer will you have to constantly cut and paste multiple texts from different sources.

Exportizer Pro Multilingual
Exportizer Pro Multilingual | 4 Mb
Exportizer Pro is a database export tool. It allows to browse, edit, and export data to database, file, clipboard, or printer. This is an extremely cheap, but very powerful database export solution which opens tens of database types and supports tens of destination formats.

Emurasoft EmEditor Professional 18.6.2 Multilingual
Emurasoft EmEditor Professional 18.6.2 Multilingual | 31 MB
EmEditor Professional - professional version of the powerful text editor for programmers, Web developers and ordinary users with the illumination of syntax and Unicode support. Editor features such as search and replace in files using regular expressions, auto-detection coding, highlighting the links and email addresses, block selection mode, configure the button bar, menu, font and color elements. For each language, you can create a separate configuration.

eM Client Pro 7.2.34633.0 Multilingual
eM Client Pro 7.2.34633.0 Multilingual | 55.8 Mb
Best email client for Windows. eM Client is a full-featured email client with a modern and easy-to-use interface. eM Client also offers calendar, tasks, contacts and chat.

Elsten Software Bliss v20190130 / VortexBox / QNAP / Synology
Elsten Software Bliss v20190130 / VortexBox / QNAP / Synology (Win/Mac/Lnx) | 249 Mb (Total)
Album artwork downloaded, organized, automatically. bliss is a simple and accurate album artwork finder. Discover art for rare recordings. Free your art to view anywhere.

DtSearch Desktop / Engine 7.93.8587
DtSearch Desktop / Engine 7.93.8587 | 75 / 126 MB
DtSearch Desktop provides instant searching of desktop-accessible files. dtSearch can instantly search terabytes of text because it builds a search index that stores the location of words in documents. Indexing is easy - simply select folders or entire drives to index and dtSearch does the rest. Once dtSearch has built an index, it can automatically update it using the Windows Task Scheduler to reflect additions, deletions and modifications to your document collection.

dslrBooth Professional Edition 5.26.0206.1
dslrBooth Professional Edition 5.26.0206.1 | 61.7 Mb
Your Own Photo Booth - Running a photo booth shouldn't be complicated or expensive. Run dslrBooth photo booth software on your pc or mac, hook up your Canon, Nikon, Sony dslr, or Webcam and you have a professional photo booth.

Dr.Explain Ultima 5.6.1131 (x64) Multilingual
Dr.Explain Ultima 5.6.1131 (x64) Multilingual | 61.7 Mb
Dr.Explain is a software that will help you to create CHM help files, HTML on-line manuals and printable manuals in RTF and PDF formats. Using its unique auto capture and annotation technology, developers can document their software interfaces almost hands down. When set to work, Dr.Explain parses a live application and automatically produces of its windows along with a sequence of callouts for each window control. Users only have to add some description to each callout as needed.

Directory Opus Pro 12.12 Build 6961
Directory Opus Pro 12.12 Build 6961 (x64) Multilingual | 67 Mb
Are you frustrated by the limitations of Windows Explorer? Directory Opus provides a complete Explorer Replacement with far more power and functionality than any other file manager available today.

CompanionLink Professional 8.0.8030 Multilingual
CompanionLink Professional 8.0.8030 Multilingual | 25.1 Mb
Android Sync, iPhone Sync, Google Sync, Outlook Sync for PC and Mac. Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Two-way or One-way. Categories. Guaranteed. CompanionLink will synchronize your PC data to your Phone and Tablet. We specialize in Contact, Calendar, Task and Memo sync.

Change Vision Astah Professional 8.1.0
Change Vision Astah Professional 8.1.0 (Win/Mac/Lnx) | 372 MB (Total)
Modeling defines your systems in a way that is easier to understand, simpler to communicate, and more in touch with the people that actually use them. From planning, to collaboration, to design Astah Professional will help you build better software.

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